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Shark Tank Winner Podcast

Shark Tank winner Tiffany Krumins and co-host Steven Julian discuss payment processing for your product based business with Derek Griffin of Speartek.

David Farr and John Barry from Ironwood join as special guests.

Listen to the full podcast here.

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Lower Your Interchange Costs by as Much as 30%

When processing commercial and government transactions, qualifying for the lowest Interchange from Visa and Mastercard comes down to the data provided with the transaction. Inputting this data can be time consuming.  Let us simplify this for you!  

Whether processing the transaction in the mobile app, on your website, or in the virtual terminal, Ironwood’s B2B payment solution will help you achieve the lowest Interchange possible with the least amount of effort.  

Example savings based on a $10,000 Visa Purchasing Card transaction:

Level 3 Chart

Data Requirements

The data in the table below is added automatically.

Level 3 Chart 2

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