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Creating Opportunities through Merchant Services 

Set Yourself Apart

In the competitive world of business, it’s imperative for you to stand out from the crowd. Business is challenging, and your customers need help. They depend on you for guidance and growth. When your customers succeed, then we all succeed.

When working with a merchant services provider, you need a business partner that you can count on – every day, all day, every time.  We know exactly what it takes to successfully serve you, your customers and prospects.

Look to Ironwood

Ironwood’s executive team has successfully grown business partnerships throughout the U.S. With our vast experience in partnerships, Ironwood will help you win new relationships, strengthen customer relationships, and maximize your profits. Winners of industry retention awards, we aim to please.

Partner Control & Custom Programs

Every ISV has its own culture, requirements, and expectations. At Ironwood, we build custom programs around your needs, not ours. For your program, you’ll get the best of all worlds - proven processes, flexible solutions, and merchant services experts. 

For You, The ISV Partner:

  • Revenue Sharing: Ironwood offers aggressive revenue sharing and ongoing residual revenue for the life of each customer.
  • Pricing Transparency: We’ll provide residual details for each merchant in your portfolio.
  • Branding: We know the importance of your brand. Marketing and operational communications can carry your brand.  White Labeling: sales, marketing, operational communications and support can be private labeled in your name if you chose to do so.
  • Portfolio Conversions: Proven conversion methods to quickly and effectively switch your existing portfolio from another provider to Ironwood. Keep interruptions to businesses minimal with on-site, one-stop conversion.
  • Cross-sell Program: We’ll provide solutions that include all forms of payment processing – on-line, mobile, MOTO, and traditional payments offered through tablets, counter-top and smart terminals.
  • Pricing Actions: No pricing changes to existing merchants without your approval.
  • Reporting Clarity: Both you and your customers will benefit from our clear and easy to understand reporting. Our utilization of data and report designs will give you the management information and guidance that you deserve.
  • Accountability: Real-time updates on referrals and support issues.


For Your Customers:

  • Merchant Services:  We understand the importance of offering a solution for virtually all customer types. Whether working with a wholesale B2B supplier, a small mom and pop shop, or a merchant with a high-risk business type, we have a solution. 
  • Equipment & Software Solutions: We always strive to do what is best for the customer, and with Ironwood there’s no force fitting of proprietary products and product sales quotas. We offer equipment and software options tailored for each business type.
    • Virtual Terminals & Integrations
    • Smart Terminals & Open Source Apps
    • Mobile EMV Devices
    • Industry Focused and Tablet POS Systems
    • Gift Card & Loyalty Programs
    • Check Verification and Guarantee Services
    • Customer Insights
  • Flexible Pricing: Ironwood offers flexible pricing models – Interchange Plus, Tiered, or Flat Rate. Partners can choose how best to price their merchants.
  • Interchange Optimization: Provide your merchants with the tools necessary to manage their Interchange cost with easy-to-use Level 2 & 3 processing solutions.  
  • Streamlined Underwriting: Over the years, we’ve streamlined our underwriting to assess risk and provide fast approvals. Your history and relationship with your merchant carries weight with our Underwriting team.  
  • Merchant Onboarding: Get your merchants processing quickly with efficient, accurate merchant onboarding.  
  • Next Day Funding:  Qualified businesses receive deposits on the next business day at no additional cost.
  • Speed Up Collections: Improve your cash flow by taking payments on-line and reduce having to track down payments associated with issuing paper invoices. 
  • Next Day Funding:  Qualified businesses receive deposits on the next business day at no additional cost.
  • Recurring or Subscription Billing:
    • Repeat Customers: Bill repeat customers without storing their payment information locally or asking for it each time.
  • Fixed Amounts: Automated Recurring Billing for automatic handling of fixed online subscriptions.
  • Variable Billing: Customer Information Manager or dynamic recurring billing (you bill your customers different amounts or on different days each month). 
  • Systems & Integrations:
    • Shopping Carts: Integrate your existing shopping cart / eCommerce platform with Ironwood.
  • Accounting Systems: Incorporate your accounting software with the way it accepts payments. For example, whether you utilizing platforms such as QuickBooks or other enterprise solutions such as Sage, we’ll set-up your system to automatically sync and import your settled transactions directly into your existing accounting system.
  • Open APIs: To easily connect, we provide a complete set of APIs that allow you to securely accept a wide range of credit, debit and alternative payment options. 

-        Data Security & Storage: By utilizing a gateway, or a shopping cart, you can avoid storing any credit card information and reduce your PCI compliance requirements by utilizing on our secure servers using our hosted payment form or payment tokenization. Comply with PCI DSS standards by protecting your on-line data. Please click this link here for more information.

-        Reporting:

  • Controls: Manage and review transactions, configure account settings, view account statements, download reports, create "Buy Now" buttons through your Merchant Interface. Set up multiple user accounts with permissions to control account access. 
  • Payment Types: You can also consolidate all types of payment processing while also being able to produce and view sales reporting and analytics.
  • Detail Management: Use Transaction Reporting to retrieve the details of your processed transactions for reporting and reconciliation.

-        360° Support, 24/7/365

Serving thousands of merchants across the country, our top priority is always customer satisfaction. From every feasible angle of support, we take great pride in delivering superior service. Many eCommerce providers utilize technology to support customer service have severely cut and in some cases altogether eliminated human support.

While we’ve seen service levels erode in our industry, we’ve double downed on our commitment. We permeate our core values of integrity, transparency, and teamwork into every relationship we build.

  • Executive Support: Our owners John Lewis and Dee Lovelace have nearly 40 combined years in working with customers across the U.S. 
  • Business Solution Advisors: We assign an Advisor who will serve as your contact and who will provide you with solutions and ongoing consultative services.
  • Statement Analysis Team: Ironwood has many competitive advantages with one being a team of specialists who focus on preparing comparative savings analysis between Ironwood and the incumbent competitor.
  • Sales Support: Ironwood’s Sales Support team is here to help with product selection and pricing suggestions as well as ensure a smooth transition with the application process, equipment orders, and programming.
  • Customer Service:  A live person located in the U.S. will answer every phone call during business hours.  An experienced U.S. based technical support team will assist your merchants after hours 24 hours a day 7 days a week.   

-        Ironclad Guarantee: We stand by our services with an Ironclad Lifetime Guarantee. Please click this link for more information.



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