Employee Spotlight - Kris Watson

This month we are featuring one of our extraordinary customer service reps, Kris Watson. She started with Ironwood at the beginning of 2017 and has already made a big impact on the Ironwood family and our customers. 

Kris grew up near Chico in Northern California where you can still find gold flakes and nuggets in the rivers from the Gold Rush era. She now lives with her family in Farmington, Utah, about 20 miles north of Salt Lake City. She and her husband have eight children, three boys and five girls, and two grandchildren, who she loves to spoil. Although five of her children are now adults, she says she still doesn’t feel or act a day over 21.

She maintains a work/life balance by centering her life around God and her family. Together they enjoy hiking the trails around the area, hitting up the summer farmers market in Salt Lake City, traveling and having a family movie night out. The Watsons also have two dogs, two cats, two chickens and two goats.

As a customer service representative, Kris manages merchant accounts and helps resolve any issues that they might have. Several merchants are partial to Kris and request her when calling in, one even refers to her as “my Kris.” Her merchants call her compassionate and kind. She’s even received a compliment on her California accent by a customer from Alabama.

When asked what she enjoys about her job, Kris said, “I love it when the merchant is happy with Ironwood because I was able to make them happy.”

Kris gave us her awesome customer service philosophy, which is something we can all draw inspiration from.   

“I truly strive to treat the merchants that call in with respect and kindness. If I can find a way to connect with them, I will. I know that when I call into customer service for anything, I want to be treated kindly and like the person on the other line cares about why I may be calling in. I try to live by treating others the way I would like to be treated.”  

John Turner, our VP of Operations, had this to say about Kris. 

"Kris has been a wonderful addition to our customer service team. She has fully embraced our philosophy of treating merchants like family, and her optimistic attitude is contagious. Kris is determined to cultivate positive experiences with all of our merchants. We are thankful she is part of our Ironwood family and look forward to great things from her." 

Here are a few of Kris’ favorite things. 

Food - Mexican

Movie - There are too many to post! 

Band/Musician - Too many to post! I love music!! 

Quote - "Decisions Determine Destiny" - Thomas S. Monson


No wonder she makes such a great member of the Ironwood family. Looks like we struck gold!

Thanks for all you do, Kris! 


Kris working.

Kris and her husband with their eight children, son-in-law and grandchild. Kris has added a son-in-law and another grandchild since this picture was taken.

Kris' grandchildren. 

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