Focusing on Your Customers Will Increase Profits

Your business needs a strong influx of customers to generate profits. Let’s focus on your customer.  The customer experience starts from the moment they step into your business storefront.  Timing is everything.  Greeting the customer to acknowledge their presence, opens the door to them feeling more comfortable to ask for assistance in what they are looking to purchase.  They feel more welcome and invited to come back. 

Make the customer experience personal.  If you recognize the customer, address them by name.  If you do not recognize the customer, make sure to have a handful of different greetings, so that they don’t feel like they are just another customer.  

Your reaction time to a request for assistance will have a big impact on your customer’s overall experience.  If a customer sends in an email or leaves a message to your voicemail, your reaction time to fulfill the request is vital.  Acknowledge that the message has been received and execute the request within a 24-hour period. This will demonstrate to the customer that you are still taking care of them after the purchase.  

Take advantage of Customer Service Score Cards, so that your staff will make a more conscious effort to go above and beyond to help your customers.  This will also show your customers that you are constantly working to improve their experience.

When the customer feels like you catered to their needs versus only trying to fulfill your needs to get a sale, they will be more likely to be repeat customer.  Increasing your repeat customer base also increases your profitability because you are not having to spend as much of our operating budget on marketing and advertising. Your repeat customers will also send your referrals because they had a great experience, hence generating new business for you. 

If you are confident in the customer service you are providing, be sure to encourage those customers to leave reviews on all the major social media sites.  Word of Mouth is more powerful than the Super bowl Sunday commercials.  People will trust the recommendations of their friends and family than they would a fancy ad.

Maintaining repeat customers through experience, lowers your marketing costs and providing great customer service will generate new business through referrals. Your customers are the bloodline of your business.  Make providing excellent customer service a part of your BRAND to increase your profits.

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