Increasing Small Business Profits - Diversify Your Staff

It’s the new year and time to make plans on how to increase your profits from last year’s numbers.  Diversifying your staff can encompass many areas - demographics, expertise, knowledge of the industry, novice, and advanced employees.  When you have a staff that has had an employment history in different aspects of business, like marketing, display set up, sales, you are able to capitalize on their suggestions and ideas. Someone that is a novice will be a fresh set of eyes that will be able to analyze from a customer walking in for the first time point of view.  Your more experienced employees will be able to share with you what they have learned and observed as more effective in the store. The adjustments and ideas you put into play will help generate new business. 

Having a staff that is diversified demographically, can bring in more diverse customers. For example, if you have employees that speak another language, they can help customers who also speak that language giving them more comfort in returning to your business for help. This will help you maintain repeat business.

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