IMPACT by Ironwood Partners with Ole Miss Athletics Foundation

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Businesses can contribute to the Ole Miss Athletics Foundation and increase their donor priority points without additional out-of-pocket expense on their part through a program called IMPACT by Ironwood. IMPACT was developed by Ironwood Payments, a national payments processing company located in Oxford, Miss.

IMPACT is partnering with the Ole Miss Athletics Foundation to create a program that provides payment processing services to businesses who accept debit and credit cards and want to support Ole Miss Athletics at the same time. In addition to providing high quality payment processing services, IMPACT donates a portion of its profits to the Ole Miss Athletics Foundation in the name of the participating business. By processing with IMPACT, businesses will increase their donor priority points and qualify for other exclusive program benefits. 

Mississippians, John Lewis and Dee Lovelace, started Ironwood in 2015 with over 20 years of industry experience. Winners of numerous customer service and retention awards in the payments industry, they set out to provide their customers with a business partner they could rely on throughout the life of their business. They continue to build Ironwood with the core values of integrity, transparency and teamwork. 

Lewis and Lovelace started IMACT to create fundraising opportunities for charitable, educational and athletic organizations.

“Fundraising has become increasingly more difficult,” Lewis said. “IMPACT allows us to offer exclusive benefits to our customers while giving to something that’s important, like Ole Miss Athletics. Our relationship with the athletics foundation and our IMPACT customers is a perfect example of teamwork. Everyone involved wins.” 

Ole Miss Associate Athletics Director for Development, Keith Carter, called partnering with IMPACT a sound decision.

“IMPACT makes sense for Ole Miss Athletics and for our donors who want to support us in many ways,” Carter said. “It’s a creative way for our fans to contribute and increase their donor priority points by simply choosing to process their debit and credit card payments with a provider who is committed to meeting their needs.”    

IMPACT has a dedicated sales and customer service team in place to provide personalized service to its IMPACT customers. IMPACT offers a lifetime guarantee that allows businesses to join IMPACT with no risk.

“It’s our relationships with our customers and the way we treat them that truly set us apart,” Lovelace said. “We consider our customers a part of our family, and we consider ourselves a part of the Ole Miss family. We can make a real difference together.”

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