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Remember when you decided to go into business for yourself? You probably didn’t realize all the demands that it took for you to succeed. Running your business profitably is challenging. There’s so much for you to consider and you may be asking yourself some of these questions:

How am I going to grow my business? What kind of payment options do I really need to offer my customers? What’s the most practical and affordable payment processing equipment available? Am I paying too much for credit card processing; and secondly, why is my credit card statement so confusing? How do I protect myself against payment fraud?

Let us help you with these complex issues and put your mind at ease. Our Business Solutions Advisor will help guide you through all these issues.

Our customer’s success is paramount to Ironwood! By offering a variety of service and product solutions, our team is fully committed to helping your business grow. Whether its providing you with the latest in payment technology solutions or simply getting back to the basics of offering good old fashion service to you, the customer always comes first at Ironwood.

With our consultative solutions approach, our Business Solutions Advisor will do whatever it takes to provide you with the best in class solutions by offering the following:

Relationship & Consultative Services

Ironwood is committed to providing you with the best service possible. Our Business Solutions Advisor will meet with you face-to-face, evaluate your business needs, and then propose solutions that best fit your needs. For the life of our customer’s relationship with Ironwood, you will have one point of contact with your advisor who will always be there to serve you and your changing needs. You are also collectively supported by our customer service and technical support team 24 hours, 7days per week. 

Equipment Options

Ironwood’s Business Solutions Advisor will assess your business and product equipment needs. Whether you take customer payments in person and/or on-line, we offer you a range of Countertop Terminals, POS Payment Systems, Mobile Payment, eCommerce, Wireless, or Tablet solutions. Ironwood will provide you with custom-tailored product equipment recommendations and affordable payment options (purchase or rental) to help your business grow.

Straightforward Pricing

The payment processing business is complex with so many fees that quite frankly very few people understand. We offer you 100% pricing transparency by providing you with straightforward pricing.

All merchant services providers pay the same Interchange Rate. We’ve made the complex easier to understand by offering our customers a processing rate tied to the Interchange Rate. If a customer requests a tiered rate, then we will accommodate their request.  When your monthly Ironwood statement arrives, you won’t be surprised. Now you will have peace of mind of knowing exactly what you’re paying, and our team is here to help you if you have any questions!

Our Business Solutions Advisors along with our Finance Team will calculate your estimated monthly savings, will show you how much you are actually paying with your provider and ways to save with Ironwood.

When processing commercial and government transactions, qualifying for the lowest Interchange from Visa and Mastercard comes down to the data provided with the transaction. Learn more about Level 3 Processing.


Ironclad Lifetime Guarantee by Ironwood™

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If first-rate service, custom-tailored products, and simple pricing are what you are looking for in a payment processing provider, then give us a try. We’re confident that you’ll be pleased that you choose Ironwood. 

If for any reason that you aren’t totally satisfied when doing business with us, then let us know and Ironwood will let you out of your agreement with no fees or penalties. Please click on the lifetime guarantee link below for further details.

Ironclad Lifetime Guarantee by Ironwood

Advisory Services

As part of our consultative approach, we offer our customers advisory services to help you in a variety of areas. Please click on any of the links below as we want to help you and your business colleagues in every way.

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