Equipment Options

Ironwood offers product equipment for either purchase or rental. Whether you take payments in person, on-line, or both.



Wireless is an option for those who wish to process in remote settings or are taking payment on the run, where a wired connection is not feasible such as food trucks, offsite tradeshows and events, and restaurants with outside seating. Wireless terminals have all the features of a traditional countertop terminal and allow for onsite printing from any location.  More restaurants are now offering pay-at-the-table options, which are popular in Europe.

Mobile Payments

Ironwood is pleased to introduce Swipe Simple, a new and transformational mobile payments technology. Simply by adding a swiping device to your mobile phone or tablet, you are ready to use your card reader anywhere, any time. Accept credit card and cash payments, provide receipts through text or email, track sales, features multi-merchant and multi-user functionality, issue refunds on the fly, manage inventory, access your web-based management dashboard, and sync all devices in real-time. Secure payments with Swipe Simple's EMV chip reader. Suggested business types include food delivery, lawn services, mobile auto detailers and all sorts of small start-up businesses.

POS System Payments

Point of Sale (POS) devices continue to be a staple in our industry. We offer multiple ways to incorporate our payment systems into your pre-existing sales tools.  POS systems offer different options that are customized to track inventory, send out marketing promotions to existing customers, and access employee sales and hours for payroll, just to name a few.  There are specific POS systems that have been designed to match specific business needs, so whether you are a restaurant, a bar, or a retail store, our equipment will meet your diverse needs.


Tablets allow your employees to be nimble and to use these hand-held devices to receive payments wherever it’s most convenient and easy for your customers.  Tablets serve as a mobile POS system and are well suited for businesses that do not have a storefront available, or for people who travel to meet with their customers, such as sales reps, and mobile product or service providers.

Taking Payments Online

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